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I see you, prancin' around in ya lil red shoes.... [01 Dec 2007|09:47pm]
[ mood | tired ]

So bored, so tired...but at least im off tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!

I took Landon to see Christmas lights tonight, and he got to see Santa, he LOVED it.

But damn, im going to bed  - he wore me out....

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Hit me baby, one more time.. [15 Nov 2007|07:58pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

After almost a year of not updating, what else do I have to do other than update!
Nothing really has changed, Landon is getting bigger everyday and amazes me with everything he does..He can say part of his ABC'S and count to 7 and NEVER quits talking...he is really the greatest thing that has ever happenned to me...Lately he's been pretty sick, he's had a bad cold that just would not go away and had a continuous fever, he's all better now though..
Me and Allen are still broke up but we do still talk, when we can get along..hahah =)
Im still working at Sykes...YAY for me huh, it pays all the bills so I cant complain...
.Its hard to believe that Christmas is just around the corner..and I have no clue on what Im gonna get Landon....He likes so many things, he's into cars and the little action figure guys now.....

I plan on starting school AGAIN next year for phlebotomy, or I am either gonna go to the police academy...I dont know if i could leave landon for a long period of time to go to the academy, id miss him way to much....

My pap paw passed away in May....him and my mam maw had been married 70 years and he was 96 years old, I miss him more and more everyday........I dont really know if I could stay with someone that long, I suppose if they were a truly good person and didn't lie or cheat and I really loved the person I could, but right now I like going solo.... =)

Just to get a few things off my mind - - - - some people never fail to amaze me I will NEVER understand how ANYONE can steal off of someone and think its ok and just not care..In my opinion, a thief is a thief..whether you steal off of your family members, a friend, or someone you just dont know and it doesn't matter if you take a quarter or a million dollars..if its not yours, dont take it...get a job like everyone else and maybe you wouldn't have to steal. . .

and here comes the part for the liars...why lie?? Im not talking about little "white" lies, im talking about the ones you have to sit around and think up and remember the same story for later, and the poeple who actually believe those lies and continue to believe those lies need to take a look around....I sit and wonder sometimes how people got where they are now when their whole life is based on stealing and lying....and i still cannot get over how someone can steal off of their own family...really makes me wonder what people are turning into...Im very thankful that I have a good family.....

Thats the longest update ive ever made..It hink its good to get things out after having them on your mind for so long........now after being up for over 17 hours I think I will go to bed!! Hope everyone sleeps good, because I know I will........

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[24 Feb 2006|09:57pm]
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[29 Nov 2005|08:25pm]

*I hope that everyday this week goes by as fast as today did.....Work was very slow which is always good...Landon is good, but still has a few coughs every now and then, my mom kept him today and my sister ( I think) is watching him tomorrow...........Landon is asleep right now, im waiting on Allen to get home so I can go to the grocery store.........

*Yesterday I took Landon BACK to the Dr. again to make sure everything was ok with his coughs he had, he basically just told me the SAME THING he has told me for a month, but he is the doc not me..but personally I think he is a jackass.........

*I terribly miss watching Laguna Beach on Mondays, last night I totally forgot about it not coming on anymore and got everything done before 10 so I could watch it and ended up having to watch Punkd, that I had already saw before...I think instead of making a show about L.C going to do her thing where ever she went, they should have done one on Danny and Malinda from the Real World.....To me , I would have liked it better........

*I finished putting up Christmas lights last nite, they look pretty, I plan on getting some more and doing the rest of the porch if I can.......Christmas is coming fast, I still have a few things to buy and Landon already has so many things from me and Allen that it is crazy...After he gets paid he is going to get him some more clothes, I have already stocked him up on toys and things to decorate his room with...We were gonna go with just pooh bear and decorate his room in that ( some thngs in there now mostly are pooh bear) but when I was shopping at Wal-Mart, I kinda changed that idea to lil baseballs and footballs, I hate Poohbear, but allen wouldn't let me do anything else except pooh bear..I wanted Care Bears.....and we still have to get his pictures made, I had an apt at K-Mart but Allen forgot about it and I had to work so that didn't plan out, so I may just take him to Wal Mart since they sent me a coupon in the mail.......I will post pictures late, its about time for Allen to get home..........

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[26 Apr 2005|05:57pm]
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